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In 1979 the black footed ferret was thought to be extinct - gone forever from the great plains. Then in 1981, a small population was discovered near the remotetown of Meeteetse, Wyoming, inciting a race to recover the species from the remaining 18 individuals. In this documentary, captive breeding programs, disease outbreaks, habitat protection, political hurdles and diverse cultural beliefs lead up to the long awaited return of black footed ferrets to a town that was reshaped by their discovery. "Ferret Town" presents one of the best conservation stories in the United States, posing the question- how far will we go to save one species?

This film is produced by The Content Lab LLC, an independent production company based in Wyoming, with support from The Meeteetse Museum Foundation, The Wyoming Humanities Council, and the The Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund, and with the cooperation of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, and private landowners.   


FERRET TOWN (1 x 26)‚Äč
Coming Summer 2019 

Produced and Directed by Virginia Moore