Writing Expertise

Our company can be contracted for various writing projects, from print journalism, to short non-fiction film pieces, to documentary film scripting.

"The Drift" (1x60; 2016)

The Green River Drift, a historic cattle drive, battles weather, grizzly bears, oil rigs, vacation home fences, and the indifference of the next generation. 

"Dick Cheney: A Heartbeat Away" (1x60; 2015)

This documentary film tells the story of the man historians have dubbed the most powerful Vice-President in the history of the United States- in his own words.

"Ferret Town" (1x60; 2017)

“Ferret Town” presents one of the best conservation stories in the United States, posing the question, How far will we go to save one species?

"Home From School" delves into the troubled legacy of Indian boarding schools in the United States, as the Northern Arapaho tribe seek to bring their long-dead relatives home to the Wind River Indian Reservation from Carlisle Indian Industrial School and heal historic wounds.

With close ties to Wyoming PBS, The Content Lab specializes in documentary film production.   We provide services at all levels- from development, to production, through post-production.

documentary film production