Writing Expertise

Our company can be contracted for various writing projects, from print journalism, to short non-fiction film pieces, to documentary film scripting.


​"Home From School" delves into the troubled legacy of Indian boarding schools in the United States, as the Northern Arapaho tribe seek to bring their long-dead relatives home to the Wind River Indian Reservation from Carlisle Indian Industrial School and heal historic wounds.

"The Drift" (1x60; 2019)

The Green River Drift, a historic cattle drive, battles weather, grizzly bears, oil rigs, vacation home fences, and the indifference of the next generation. 

"FERRET TOWN" (1X26; 2019)

“Ferret Town” presents one of the best conservation stories in the United States, posing the question, How far will we go to save one species?

"Dick Cheney: A Heartbeat Away" (1x60; 2015)

This documentary film tells the story of the man historians have dubbed the most powerful Vice-President in the history of the United States- in his own words.

With close ties to Wyoming PBS, The Content Lab specializes in documentary film production.   We provide services at all levels- from development, to production, through post-production.

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