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​We’re almost to the end of our feature-length documentary production “The Drift”, and we’re as excited to be there as the cowhands in our film who drive the cattle down from the mountains in the fall.  After initially releasing a 55-min version of the film on Wyoming PBS, we realized there was a larger and more complete story to be told, one that could reach a National audience.  So we went back to work – spending more time with our characters, re-shooting the action and scenery with better cameras, and finally engaging with some big-league post-production talent to brighten the images and sweeten the sound. 

To get this far, we’ve had great support from individual donors and foundations through tax deductible contributions via the Wyoming PBS Foundation (a 501(c ), but we still need your help to finish. We are building toward a goal of $40,000 in finishing and distribution funding. Your foundation or business, or you individually, could have an on-screen credit, if you wish, at the end of the documentary. Please get in touch with us to find out how you can make your tax deductible contribution toward the film today.

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Geoff O'Gara

Executive Producer, The Content Lab LLC

A hundred years and a hundred miles. For over a century, ranchers along the Green River have driven their cattle long distances to high pastures in the mountains of Wyoming. Now they must find their way past drilling rigs, vacation homes, grizzly bears... and an uncertain future.

From the pasture and mesas along the Green River to the alpine meadows near the Continental Divide, "The Drift" tells a story imbedded in the history and culture of Wyoming: a cattle drive, and the people who ride it.

In the midst of a monumental landscape, we focus in on authentic, unforgettable characters: Bob Beard and his grand-daughter Sara riding among the snorting, pluming cattle in the Counting Gate chute, shouting out and counting brands; grizzly bears picking off straggling calves at "the Bend" as biologist Zach Turnbull tries to trap and collar the bad actors; old Bobby Gilbank riding out in a lightning storm along Fish Creek to doctor a sick calf. Our cameras capture the grit and grime, the calving and winter storms, the personal stories of loss and love.

And hovering over the extraordinary mountain landscapes, a foreboding cloud: the Drift itself is endangered by the encroaching modern world.

Audiences in Wyoming, the nation, and around the world have an abiding interest in the American West, past and present. In "The Drift", we'll bring them the real thing.

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